sábado, 19 de fevereiro de 2011

Alice in Wonderland

................ wonderland, I think is the appropriate name for this work, taking into account the sketches and the theme / inspiration and yes, this job has all to do with Alice in wonders, but this was done before the film's release and to have given all the craziness around the famous story of a beautiful young woman named Alice and a white rabbit.
Unlike all the jobs I had the opportunity to see my sketches and coordinated, were based on the original story and so beautiful movie made by Walt Disney that i spent the days watching during my childhood.

Down the Rabbit Hole - The Pool of Tears
Advice of a Caterpillar - Pig and Pepper

As for my work, sketches made for each standard was based on the chapters of the book of Alice in Wonderland. Each of the patterns can be identified as a moment in history and where we can identify the main characters, but also some which most often are forgotten but to anyone who knows history recognizes them easily.

A Mad Tea-Party
    Pig and Pepper - The Queen's Croquet-Ground
Who Stole the Tarts?
This work was carried out for one of my chairs in the 2nd year of graduation, this study has already at least one year, but I thought that was already time to put it here on the blog. This required the implementation of nine standards, from there was selected one of which was later transformed into illustrator, and finally the part that I thought would please me more, the implementation of a coordinated, but I found myself enjoy more doing the patterns that properly the coordinated, perhaps that's why I ended up doing a better job in the standard that in the coordinated.

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